Vithas Valencia Consuelo

The paediatric Neurorehabilitation Unit (CDIAT) at the vithas Virgen del Consuelo Hospital, located in the centre of Valencia, is devoted exclusively to the care of child and youth patients.The centre offers treatment based on an exhaustive multidisciplinary assessment of the child, covering all related areas (psychopedagogy, neuropsychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy, physiotherapy, early intervention, neurology, etc.). Following this assessment, each patient receives a treatment programme tailored to his or her needs. This programme then evolves to reflect changes in the patient’s neurological condition, thereby meeting all of the patient’s needs.The Unit works with children whose development has been affected in some way (cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, premature birth, developmental disabilities, etc.).

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Vithas Valencia Consuelo

Callosa de Ensarrià, 12
46007 Valencia (Valencia)

Tel. (+34) 96 317 79 16

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